5 Strategies to Cultivate a Team Environment

Greeley Temp Agency | Staffing Solutions | Employment SolutionsBehind every successful, productive company is a collection of employees working in a collaborative, functional environment that promotes a sense of teamwork. A social and cooperative team environment creates employee satisfaction which increases productivity. Frequently, the temp agency clients of Employment Solutions inquire as to how they can boost the morale of their labor force to realize greater gains. The Colorado temp agency experts of Employment Solutions offer these 5 strategies to cultivate a team environment for the benefit of your company:

  1. Synergistic, friendly project meetings: The average project meeting centers around setting deadlines, assigning tasks and providing status updates on the progression of projects. To create a synergistic project meeting, set aside time for a problem and solution portion in which team members offer solutions to obstacles that coworkers are facing. Additionally, ask that everyone arrive 15 minutes early for refreshments and socializing to facilitate team bonding.
  2. Advanced training and/or continuing education opportunities: When your employees learn new skills together, they look to each other for support to increase their success in the training program or educational course and you will benefit by increasing their skill set of your employees.
  3. Team games: Breaking your employees down into small teams to compete in games is a great way to reintroduce coworkers to one another inside and outside of the workplace. For games inside of the workplace, start the morning off with a 10 minute brain teaser exercise. To move the connecting outdoors, you can schedule a sport activity or treasure hunt outside on casual Fridays.
  4. Retreats: Plan a semi-annual retreat at a relaxing location that incorporates team building exercises into the recreational activities.
  5. Charity work: Giving to others encourages feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction, which can bolster the self-confidence of your employees. When you combine the interpersonal benefits of charity with teamwork to achieve fundraising goals, a team environment is automatically carried over to the workplace.

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