5 Tips to Handle Frustrating Workplace Situations

Labor Employment in Denver, CO | Employment Solutions | (877) 880-4473Let’s face it, work can be very frustrating at times. We all have good and bad days, but when you are in the workplace, you need to handle these frustrating situations with the utmost professionalism.

I’m going to tell you five tips that will allow you to handle your frustration with ease:

1. Evaluate the Situation

People have a tendency to overreact and blow the situation out of proportion. It’s definitely understandable, but you’re better than that. Step back from the situation and really evaluate the problem.

  •      Are you overreacting?
  •      Did you take something out of context?

Sometimes, you’ll need 10 or 20 minutes to calm down and assess the situation.

2. Look on the Bright Side

There is always some good in every situation. Perhaps you’re a manager that has a team that did not meet a deadline. This may be a horrible situation at first, but you should look for some positivity. The team may just be a day behind, or the team added new features or performed further product testing that wouldn’t need to be done later.

3. You’re Not the Only One

This is especially true for management. You may feel alone in your concerns and think that your current situation is the end of the world. Sometimes, it’s best to realize that others have been in this exact situation before.

Things will work themselves out, and you want to conduct yourself in a positive manner at all times.

4. Start a Dialogue

Frustration often leads to a lot of stress and very little talking. Unfortunately, talking is the one thing you definitely want to do because it’s the best way to fix the situation.

  •      Remain neutral during the discussion.
  •      Don’t put the blame on anyone.
  •      Listen to what is being said and try to see the other person’s point of view.
  •      Treat the other individual nicely.

If you’re able to talk it out, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of resentment and hopefully get back to being in better spirits and less frustrated.

5. Just Breathe

Has anyone told you to “just breathe?” You need to find a way to calm down and remedy the situation. If your temper is getting the best of you or your frustration may lead to a big argument, take some time to recuperate and just breathe.

It’s best to always try to relax before talking things over with a person.

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