6 Ways to Deal with Office Gossip

How to Deal with Office Gossip | Temporary Labor in Ft. Collins, COeSometimes, walking into the office can feel like high school all over again. People love to gossip, but it’s not acceptable for a manager to allow it. The longer gossip is allowed to remain, the more it can become corrosive to the work environment.

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If you’re a manager, there are 6 ways you can deal with gossip.

  1. Open-door Policy

You need your employees to feel like they can come to you and discuss their problems. When you have an open-door policy, it allows employees to come and talk to you in confidence. Those few that are a little more reluctant to chat should be approached whenever possible to discuss their needs and concerns.

  1. Be Clear and Concise

When management is silent, rumors have a way of growing out of control. Providing a transparent office will ensure any business-related rumors are dealt with quickly.

  1. Address Gossip Quickly

Gossip will grow and grow the longer it remains. Negative feelings are toxic to any work environment, so address all gossip as fast as possible. If you take action immediately, it will keep gossip to a minimum and never let it turn into a corrosive problem.

  1. Don’t Pick Favorites

It’s easy to always side with a good employee. When management starts to favor one employee, this is the perfect time for gossip to swirl.

If you praise everyone equally, there will be less of a chance of your office turning into a gossip mill.

  1. Clarify Roles

Gossip can turn ugly when employees start having group disagreements. It’s essential that all employees know their role in a company or group. When you assign duties or a chain of command, let every employee know to avoid unnecessary role disputes.

  1. Lead by Example

If you’re the manager, the worst thing you can do is be the source of gossip. If you want others to be positive and happy to come to work, you must be the positive role model that your employees will look up to.

There is no way that you can start a rumor and lead by example – it won’t happen.

Once you squash office gossip, you’ll quickly realize that productivity will rise and fewer employee complaints will arise. It’s when management takes a backseat to gossip that is starts truly manifesting into a costly problem for business.

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