7 Ways You Can Benefit from Using a Staffing Agency for New Hires

Currently, sixteen million fortunate people each year find successful employment by using a staffing agency. Why? Mostly because of the top seven reasons listed below:

More efficient – No more hiring managers or maintaining a human resources department. Instead staffing agencies, like Employment Solutions in Aurora, take care of all aspects of hiring a new employee, including interviewing, doing background checks and filling out new hire paperwork.
Less costly – The average cost to replace an employee currently ranges from $2000 to $4000, with an executive position running as high as $7000, but, because of the efficiency of staffing agencies, most of these costs are eliminated.
More effective screening process/less risk – Because of their experience and the relationship they have with the companies represented, staffing agencies, as in Aurora Staffing, are better equipped to rapidly screen applicants until the right employee is found.
Pre-training – Based on the information they receive from the companies they represent, staffing agencies can also provide training, eliminating this time-consuming task from the company’s to-do list. Plus, employees arrive on the job more prepared about the company’s expectations, job description, atmosphere and more.
Benefits assistance  – If there are benefits to cover, staffing agencies can also help the employee understand those benefits, as in vacation days, sick leave policies, health insurance plans currently being offered and bonuses, eliminating any last minute surprises.
Evaluation process – Because of the understanding each staff agency has with the companies they represent, staffing agencies have the capacity to test for various skills, resulting in a better employer/employee match, eliminating any costly trial and error.
Trial period – Because of the structure of an independent staffing agency, like Aurora, employees and employers can make arrangements for temporary employment or temp-to-hire work to see if an employee is ultimately the right match for the company. And, in  cases where temporary help is needed, staffing agencies can help provide temporary assistance with an end-date in mind.
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