Should You Be Yourself in a Job Interview?

Full Time Employment in Colorado | Employment SolutionsFor each job to which you apply, there will be a multitude of others vying for the same position. If you enter an interview with the aim to act like a worker bee cut from the same cloth as the rest, it will be impossible for you to stand out among your competitors. While treating a hiring representative like your best friend is never advisable, you should focus on remaining calm and relaxed by resolving to be your professional self in a job interview.

The Employment Solutions team skillfully counsels temp and full time employment seekers every day on how to excel in a job interview by being authentic. Here are the 3 reasons why we tell our clients to illuminate the “real you” versus mimicking the type of employee they think the company wants to hire:

  1. Archetype interviewees are in abundance. Shed your preconceptions of what you believe will land you the job and concentrate on being genuine to outshine your rivals. The standard responses and anxious demeanor will be reenacted in interview after interview, so be original to leave a lasting, positive impression.
  2. Your most powerful attribute is confidence. Prior to the day of the interview, fully prepare for the big day. Choose the outfit and shoes you will wear and be certain your garments are dry cleaned or pressed. Know your resume from front to back. Practice your answers to questions you may be asked. If you feel prepared for the interview, you will be relaxed and have the confidence to be yourself.
  3. Exaggerating your background may be your downfall. Stick to the truth and avoid overselling yourself as both the truth and misrepresentation can be revealed with moderate fact checking with past employers and through social media outlets.

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