Yes or No: Will Leveraging A New Job Offer Work In Your Favor?

Employment Agency in Longmont CO | Leveraging a new job offerYou just received a job offer from an employer, and it beats your current employer’s offer by a longshot. Should you leverage the new offer to bargain for more perks? You may walk away with more vacation time, higher pay and possibly even a promotion. Or, you might wind up burning bridges and damaging your reputation.

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Leveraging a new job offer is risky, and there are other ways to initiate similar conversations with your manager.

But before you start those conversations, it’s important to ask yourself what’s making you unhappy in your current situation.

Do you think you’re underpaid? Take some time to research the average salary ranges for your current position to see if your concerns are valid. If they are, speak with your manager about your current pay rate.

Do you feel like you’re not being challenged, or unable to use your talents? Are you looking for some more flexibility at work? These are all valid concerns, and it’s important to take steps to resolve whatever issues are making you unhappy at work.

When you discuss these issues with your manager, enter the conversation armed with research and justifications for your position. Make a concerted effort to resolve any and all problems before you even consider searching for a new job.

It can be difficult to have these types of conversations with your manager. You may be afraid that you will be fired for speaking up, or seen as a “whiner” or “complainer.” But you take an even greater risk if you use a job offer as a bargaining chip. This is not a move that fosters honest and open communication. And more often than not, this maneuver backfires. The employee winds up leaving anyway, or is fired once a replacement is found.

In some cases, employer/employee trust is violated. When this occurs, the employee may be overlooked for promotions, or not viewed the same way.

Simply put, leveraging a new job offer to bargain for higher pay or more perks is like playing with fire. It’s far better to consider all of your concerns, perform research to validate your concerns, and speak with your manager about these issues to resolve them in a civil, respectable way. If all of your efforts fail, you can begin searching for a new job with a clear conscience.   

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