Why the Hiring Process Takes So Long

Why the hiring process takes so long | jobs in denver | employment solutions staffing agencyWhen the economy is going well, you’ll notice that well over 200,000 jobs are added each month. Just look at the month of November when there were more than 211,000 jobs added to the United States economy. This signals a great rebound for the country, but there are still many people that are unemployed and hoping to hear back from a hiring manager.

Hiring managers have a major challenge ahead of them.

Many of the individuals looking for jobs are highly talented, and the market is very competitive. Being in such a competitive market at the current time means that the hiring process takes much longer. Remember, a hiring manager must choose the best person for the job, but this doesn’t always mean skills. Employees must:

  • Be able to fit in with the current team environment.
  • Be skilled and experienced.
  • Be able to help the company achieve their goals.

Sometimes, the best candidate isn’t a person that walks in with the best resume. There are a lot of factors that go into the hiring process.

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Reasons Why Hiring May Take a Long Time

Ask any hiring manager why the hiring process is taking longer, and you are likely to get the same answers. A few of the reasons (in the current economy) for hiring taking longer, include:

  • Unemployment has dropped by 1.6 points since 2014.
  • Unemployment levels have dropped to just 5%.
  • Job openings are increasing, and the market is very competitive. This makes the hiring process lengthier.
  • Highly skilled professionals are receiving multiple offers, and may not choose to work with a specific company.
  • Many people are actively working and searching for new jobs, which allows them to counter-offer and negotiate their benefits and salary even further.

Economic and job growth have caused the hiring process to take longer. If a highly skilled individual meets the company’s needs perfectly, he or she will negotiate further than in the past. These professionals, especially if they are currently employed, will negotiate and discuss terms for several weeks or months even. A major issue is that these professionals may be discussing terms with multiple companies, and several weeks or months are lost in the process for the hiring manager.

If you’re currently a hiring manager, you know that the economy is doing better in terms of jobs being produced and that the unemployment rate lowering means there are fewer qualified individuals on the market. Those that are looking for new job are often highly skilled, and know that in the competitive market, they can negotiate with potential employers.

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